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SGI Seoul(Headquarters)

Seoul Guarantee Insurance was originally established in 1969 under the name of Korea Fidelity and Surety Company, and, as a strategic business partner for both individuals and enterprises over the past years, Seoul Guarantee Insurance has provided various guarantee services and grown in parallel with Korean economic development.

As the one and only comprehensive guarantee service provider in Korea, Seoul Guarantee Insurance is currently the market leader in Korean surety and credit insurance industry, and also making headway into the overseas market based on its experience and expertise.

Seoul Guarantee Insurance has been affirmed its credit rating as “A+” and “AA- ” by S&P and Fitch respectively for its strong and sound financial capabilities. Looking to the future, Seoul Guarantee Insurance will strive to achieve the goal of of becoming a “World's Top Class Financial Institution” leading the global industry.

Ownership Structure

As of Dec.31,2018 (Unit : Number of Stocks in Thousand)

Ownership Structure : Classification, Shareholding Information table
Classification Shareholding
KDIC* 32,764(93.85%)
Life Insurers 1,520(4.35%)
Non-life Insurers 627(1.80%)

* KDIC means the state-owned Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation

Financial Information

(USD Million)

Total Assets

Total Assets, FY2017:6,402, FY2018:6,886.8, FY2019:7,338.7, FY2020:8,415.4

Total Liabilities

Total Liabilities, FY2017:2,986.5, FY2018:3,272.2, FY2019:3,470.5, FY2020:3,960.0

Total Equity

Total Equity, FY2017:3,415.4, FY2018:3,614.6, FY2019:3,868.2, FY2020:4,456.0
Financial Information : FY2014, FY2013 Total Assets, Total Liabilities, Total Equity information
FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Total Assets 6,316.2 6,629.3 7,131.3
Total Liabilities 2,822.7 3,092.6 3,388.3
Total Equity 3,493.5 3,536.7 3,743.0

Key Index of Insurance Operating

(USD Million)

Key Index of Insurance Operating : Classification, FY2017, FY2018, FY2019, FY2020 
Classification 2018 2019 2020 2021
Original premium 1,461 1,409 1,795.2 1,676
Loss Rate 53.3 63.1 69.0 54.89
Solvency 31.0 33.3 34.8 35.3
  • Fiscal year 2021: January 1, 2021~December 31, 2021.
  • Financial statements are based on Korean IFRS.
  • Applicable exchange rate: USD 1 = KRW 1.190,50 [Basic F/X rate provided by KEB Hana Bank on December 31, 2021]


Subsidiary : Company,Business Area,Established,Shares Information table
Company Business Area Established Shares
SGI Credit Information Company Debt Collection Jan. 8, 2004 85.0%