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Branch Manager’s Message

I extend my heartfelt appreciation and welcome to clients who have visited the official website of SGI Hanoi Branch.

SGI has laid the foundation for economic growth and contributed greatly to the development of credit society by providing guarantee services both to individuals and companies since incorporation.

As a comprehensive guarantee insurer, SGI currently tops the domestic guarantee industry. On the back of excellent profitability and solid financial position, its credit ratings assigned from major international credit rating agencies, such as Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings, were revised upward to AA- in March 2013, and A+ in July 2017 respectively. This indicates that SGI has established its reputation as a global guarantee insurer in fact as well as in name. With such international recognition came the opportunity for SGI to make inroads into the Vietnamese guarantee market in addition to other markets across the world.

SGI has been supporting the Korean companies operating in Vietnam since Hanoi Representative Office was opened in October 2007, became the first-ever foreign non-life insurer to establish its branch in Vietnam in October 2014, and also increased capital stock to VND600 billion in June 2015 for the purpose of expanding the guarantee capacity in Vietnam. Hanoi Branch will do its utmost in strengthening its guarantee support for the local companies as well as the Korean companies running business in Vietnam.

Thank you.

Seoul Guarantee Insurance Hanoi Branch
Branch Manager,
Kwon Soon Yong