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SGI Hanoi’ News

SGI Hanoi’ News

SGI Hanoi announced the selection of an auditor for its 2023 financial statements

SGI Hanoi announces that the Branch continues to select Deloitte Auditing Company as the auditor for the 2023 financial statements according to its mother company's decision to approve the selection of auditor.

SGI Hanoi’s announcement about the collection and processing of personal data

Following regulations on personal data collection and processing, SGI Hanoi announces the application of the agreement form for collection and processing of personal and corporate data according to the attached file.

Thank you very much!

>> 01.Consent to personal data processing.pdf

>> 02.Consent to corporate data processing.pdf

SGI Hanoi to announce the change of the Branch Manager



Based on the Letter of approval No. 9637/BTC-QLBH issued by the Ministry of Finance of Vietnam, Seoul Guarantee Insurance Company – Hanoi Branch Office (SGI Hanoi) would like to announce the change of the Legal Representative (Branch Manager) of  SGI Hanoi as from September 11th 2023 as follows:

  • Former Representative:
    Full name:             Mr. PARK YOU HONG
    Passport No.:         M93671161 issued on December 09th 2019 in the Republic of Korea.
  • New Representative:
    Full name:             Mr KWON SOON YONG
    Passport No.:       M01635512 issued on December 08th 2016 in the Republic of Korea

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